Who Are We?

It doesn't matter who you are, how much money you've made, or how successful you are, one day you'll find yourself in a funk.

A nightmare of confusion and desperation where you would do literally anything to feel normal again.

Instead, all you feel is this messy haze of confusion.

Maybe, it's a partner who feels distant or a career that suffocates you. Maybe, it's the pit of anxiety in your throat or the inability to get out of bed. Maybe, it's an abusive partner, being bullied for your sexuality, or feeling lost in this universe.

These are funks and they funking suck.

The scariest part of a funk, is that no matter how far you run, deep down you know that the only way to unfunk yourself is to go through the funk.

This is the unfunk.

We aim to pull on that thread, to dive into the mess of it all, to face the darkest and terrifying parts of being a human so you don't have to do it alone.

Difficult conversations, honest interviews, practical tools, together.

This will be a space of joy and laughter and love, but not without being real and vulnerable about the muck, the pain, the funk.

Whether it's in our weekly newsletter, on our podcast, in our courses, or the many articles that will pass by you from amazing thinkers, we will walk with you through your funk.